Hover Matters HoverBoard props/ kits are the BEST on the market!  Our 3/4 scale boards are perfect for a weekend project, cosplay and being light weight makes for great wall art!  

   Order a finished board today and we can have to you in 2-3 weeks. You don't like waiting you can order a kit. Made with Premium MDF, molded epoxy plastic, and all necessary hardware. Hover Matters kits are the easiest to paint and assemble.

   Each HoverBoard in our finished product line is also available as a kit so you can design it yourself! Each kit includes the deck of your choice with magnets, power pack, foot pad and strap, lazy susan and vinyl decal along with required screws  for assembly.

   CNC machined molds coming straight out of DETROIT help to create the perfect and most consistent Hoverboards to hit the market!!

   Order your finished HoverBoard or Hoverboard kit today from Hover Matters and have yourself a great weekend project.  Get the entire Hover Matters product line and let your imagination run wild!


   Shipping cost will vary so we will either add or subtract from your order accordingly.

​We thank you for choosing Hover Matters HoverBoards as your official HoverBoard authority!